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Energy storage

The Sun is punctual in terms of sunrise and sunset, however other natural factors affect solar irradiance available on earth’s surface. A passing cloud can cause a short dip in the generation by Solar PV panels. This dip can be compensated by a spinning reserve, like a Battery system. Advancement in Battery technology now provide higher power densities with safety, and a longer life to improve commercial viability. Coupling Solar energy with Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) provides a flexible energy management solution for:
· Solar PV smoothing
· frequency regulation and grid stabilization for Power Quality
· spinning reserve for uninterrupted power
· peak-shaving
· increased reliability

Enrich in collaboration with industry stalwarts, has built a grid interactive Solar PV & MW scale BESS hybrid solution that modifies adaptively to achieve smoothed target outputs, by flexible use of feedback adjustments of battery SOC in real-time.

Enrich is also working with industry experts to develop viable Micro-grid and Off-grid solutions rural areas and specific applications.

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