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Renewable Energy Certificates

Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) represent the attributes of electricity generated from renewable energy sources. These attributes are unbundled from the physical electricity and the two products – the attributes embodied in the certificates and the commodity electricity – may be sold or traded separately. In other words, one REC represents that 1MWh of energy is generated from renewable sources. RECs are expected to become the currency of renewable energy markets because of their flexibility and the fact that they are not subject to the geographic and physical limitations of commodity electricity. RECs can be used by the obligated entities to demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements, such as Renewable Purchase Obligations.

Enrich through its subsidiaries provides End to End services from Project Accreditation at the state level, Project Registration at the central agency, Regular Issuance of RECs from National Load Dispatch Centre (NLDC) to Trading Consultation and Trading of REC through Indian Energy Exchange .

Pre-bid Consultation

Enrich provides bid management consultation in pre-bid alliance mode, assisting investors and developers interested in bidding for projects under various state and national policies, along with site identification and feasibility studies etc.

Project Finance Facilitation

Our expert Resource Mobilization team facilitate Project Investors to avail equity and debt financing through financial institutions. We help our clients to assist in their financial needs through our excellent relationships with financial institutions.

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