The Promoters relive the nostalgia, and are upbeat of Enrich’s future at Enrich’s 7th Foundation Day celebration, Sep 2017.

Zawar Group

Zawar Group, headquartered at Pune is one of the most dynamic and fast-growing business houses in Western India since 1988. It has business interests in mining, manufacturing, real estate and Renewable energy. Zawar Group is led by Indian business visionary, investor and philanthropist, Vijay B Zawar. Vijay Zawar serves as Chairman at Enrich. Under his able leadership and guidance, the Zawar group has built a strong foundation in Customer Service and business ethics. He was conferred Honorary Doctor of Excellence by Confederation of International Accreditation Commission in 2016.

Ankit Kanchal – Managing Director & CEO

Ankit Kanchal is a professional turned founder, when he took the raw idea and turned into a company dedicated to Renewables. Academically, he holds a Degree in Finance and a Masters in Marketing. His 14 years of experience has largely been in the field of Renewables. Before becoming the anchor at Enrich, he was associated with Renewables major in India. To his credit are several national and international accolades that commend his contribution to the solar energy industry, these include – the Udyog Rattan Award, the Bharat Udyog Samman Puraskar and the Asia Pacific Achievers Award.

At the helm of the organization, he nurtures, leads, and inspires Team Enrich to overcome hurdles that come when an organization that has been growing at 50% CAGR and more recently at over 100% on a year to year basis. Through his strategic thinking, keen entrepreneurial acumen and depth of industry understanding as a pioneer, he sets the organization’s long term goals. He oversees global Business Development, Strategy and Planning, Corporate Finance, Legal, Human Resources and Administration. He also spearheads the organization’s foray into new businesses and adoption of world-class business practices that make Enrich “A great place to work”.

Dharmesh Tanti – Director Operations & COO

Dharmesh Tanti is an astute thinker and deeply passionate about Science & Technology, often pushing technology to evolve into more efficient next generation systems. As a founder at Enrich, he has been the pillar of strength in Technology development and Operational practices. Through his 17 years of experience in field of Renewables and energy efficiency, as well as a commonsensical approach, he has developed some path breaking concepts which have been adopted by the industry as best practices.

He oversees all technical aspects and develops the technological vision that enables Enrich to maintain its leadership position. He believes that true leadership is about listening to stakeholders, being open to fresh ideas, and engaging in an honest dialogue, to crystallize the real need for change, and then leading the change from the front. He also champions Quality management and safe practices, Quality analysis, and innovation in Project execution for improved competitiveness. He is currently working on an off/on grid energy storage solution and EV infrastructure for India. His next plans are adoption of CSP for India and to contribute towards research in newer Renewable technologies that are edging towards commercial viability in the coming decade.

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